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Toggle this category Notices from Groundspeak

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Announcements from Groundspeak about, our support materials and other geocaching-related topics.

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Release Notes

A repository of release notes following updates to Groundspeak, Inc. products.

  • 103 Topics
  • 7107 Replies

Toggle this category General Geocaching Discussions

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Getting Started

New to the game? Ask questions here; your fellow geocachers are happy to help.

  • 30633 Topics
  • 245357 Replies
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How Do I...?

Wondering how the site works or how to accomplish some geocaching-related task? Ask your fellow geocachers here.

  • 3274 Topics
  • 17956 Replies
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Geocaching Topics

Discuss geocaching and related topics here.

  • 49134 Topics
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Toggle this category Trackables

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The Travel Bug

All aspects of the Groundspeak Travel Bug and the ways that we live vicariously through inanimate objects.

  • 10074 Topics
  • 74513 Replies
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Geocoin Discussions

Talk about trackable and oh-so-collectible Geocoins. Read our special guidelines before posting.

  • 13500 Topics
  • 491075 Replies

Toggle this category Web Site and Apps

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Unread forum Web Site

Discussions about features, bugs, and ways to improve

  • 22756 Topics
  • 192608 Replies
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Geocaching iPhone App

Discussions about features, bugs, and ways to improve the Geocaching paid iPhone app.

  • 1529 Topics
  • 12013 Replies
Unread forum

Geocaching iPhone Intro App

Discussions about features, bugs, and ways to improve the Geocaching iPhone Intro App.

  • 6 Topics
  • 80 Replies
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Geocaching Android App

Discussions about features, bugs, and ways to improve the Geocaching Android App.

  • 377 Topics
  • 2289 Replies
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Geocaching Android Intro App

Discussions about features, bugs, and ways to improve the new Geocaching Android Intro App.

  • 1 Topics
  • 2 Replies
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Geocaching Windows Phone App

Discussions about features, bugs, and ways to improve the Geocaching Windows Phone App.

  • 72 Topics
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GPS and Technology

Any and all discussions about Global Positioning Systems, especially GPS receivers, paperless caching and related software or hardware.

  • 56131 Topics
  • 401003 Replies
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Geocaching Live-Enabled Applications

Discussions about applications developed by Groundspeak partners.

  • 144 Topics
  • 555 Replies
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GPS Garage Sale

For the personal sales of GPS units and geocaching-related items. is not involved with these transactions. Read our special guidelines before posting.

  • 7822 Topics
  • 26431 Replies
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ClayJar's Geocaching Chat

ClayJar's scheduled chat is every Monday at 8:30 CST. For IRC users you can point your client to port 6667, channel #Geocache
Note: Groundspeak does not host or maintain this service

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Cache In Trash Out

Help preserve the natural beauty of our outdoor resources one cache outing at a time. Visit for more information.

  • 614 Topics
  • 4943 Replies
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EarthCaches are developed by geocachers with a special interested in geology. They show how our planet has been shaped by geological processes. For more information about EarthCaches, visit:

  • 564 Topics
  • 9828 Replies
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Benchmark Hunting and the NGS

Discuss Benchmark Hunting and associated topics, including topics on monument recovery efforts for the National Geodetic Survey. For more information on benchmarks, visit the Benchmark Hunting page.

  • 5290 Topics
  • 46770 Replies
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Hiking and Backpacking

For those geocachers who enjoy longer hikes and backpacking trips, here's the place to discuss gear and experiences in the backcountry.

  • 100 Topics
  • 2596 Replies
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GPS and Ham Radio

GPS and Ham Radio usage, including Packet Radio.

  • 571 Topics
  • 8339 Replies

Toggle this category Education and Geocaching

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Teaching K-7

Topics related to teaching children of elementary (primary) school and middle school age.

  • 41 Topics
  • 301 Replies
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Teaching 8-12

Topics related to teaching children of secondary school age.

  • 21 Topics
  • 84 Replies
Unread forum

Camps and Outdoor Adventures

For organizers of camps and outdoor adventure activities.

  • 9 Topics
  • 34 Replies
Unread forum

Youth Organizations & Clubs

For organizers and leaders of youth organizations and geocaching clubs.

  • 30 Topics
  • 164 Replies
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For college (university) students and educators.

  • 13 Topics
  • 47 Replies
Unread forum

Adult Team Building/Seminars

For organizers and facilitators of adult geocaching education, team building activities and seminars.

  • 5 Topics
  • 52 Replies
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All education-related topics that cannot be otherwise categorized.

  • 77 Topics
  • 334 Replies

Toggle this category Geocaching Groups by Region / State

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Great Plains

Geocaching in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

  • 816 Topics
  • 4000 Replies
Unread forum


Talk Geocaching in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia.

  • 5065 Topics
  • 53641 Replies
Unread forum


Talk Geocaching in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

  • 2599 Topics
  • 23912 Replies
Unread forum

New England

Talk Geocaching in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

  • 2796 Topics
  • 26021 Replies
Unread forum


Talk Geocaching in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

  • 4342 Topics
  • 77208 Replies
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South and Southeast

Talk Geocaching in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and

  • 3517 Topics
  • 17899 Replies
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West and Southwest

Talk Geocaching in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

  • 3374 Topics
  • 80880 Replies

Toggle this category Geocaching Groups by Country

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All Nations

If your country or region isn't specifically listed elsewhere in the forum, feel free to post here.

  • 737 Topics
  • 2183 Replies
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Arabian Peninsula

Geocaching in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, and UAE.

  • 252 Topics
  • 1363 Replies
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Multi-lingual discussions about geocaching in China, India, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and all the countries of Asia. (There is a different section for the Arabian Peninsula.)

  • 207 Topics
  • 1277 Replies
Unread forum


Talk about Geocaching Australia

  • 671 Topics
  • 2563 Replies
Unread forum


Geocaching in Belgium

  • 226 Topics
  • 554 Replies
Unread forum


Um lugar para falar sobre geocaching no Brasil.

  • 91 Topics
  • 708 Replies
Unread forum


Geocaching in Canada.

  • 3778 Topics
  • 42483 Replies
Unread forum


Talk about Geocaching Croatia

  • 94 Topics
  • 988 Replies
Unread forum


Geocaching in Aland Islands and Finland.

  • 1402 Topics
  • 16663 Replies
Unread forum


Le geocaching en France , au Québec, en Wallonie, en Suisse Romande, et tous les autres pays et régions francophones.

  • 541 Topics
  • 2572 Replies
Unread forum

Greece (Hellas) & Cyprus

Geocaching in Greece and Cyprus.

  • 301 Topics
  • 4143 Replies
Unread forum


Geocaching magyarul.

  • 70 Topics
  • 1855 Replies
Unread forum


Geocaching in Italy and other Italian speaking areas.

  • 194 Topics
  • 477 Replies
Unread forum


Multi-lingual discussions about geocaching in Luxembourg.

  • 39 Topics
  • 83 Replies
Unread forum

Mexico, Bermuda and Central America

Un lugar para conversar Geocaching en Belize, Bermuda, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua y Panama. Bienvenidos.

  • 222 Topics
  • 996 Replies
Unread forum

New Zealand

Geocaching in New Zealand.

  • 459 Topics
  • 2795 Replies
Unread forum


Miejsce do dyskusji o geocachingu w Polsce.

  • 658 Topics
  • 19086 Replies
Unread forum


Um local para falar de Geocaching em Portugal e noutros países de expressão portuguesa.

  • 459 Topics
  • 4074 Replies
Unread forum

Scandinavia and Baltic countries

Geocaching in Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.

  • 126 Topics
  • 269 Replies
Unread forum

South Africa

Talk about Geocaching in South Africa.

  • 1334 Topics
  • 30693 Replies
Unread forum

South America

Geocaching in South America: Argentina, Boliva, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Galapagos Islands, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

  • 121 Topics
  • 174 Replies
Unread forum


Geocaching in Spain.

  • 2017 Topics
  • 16186 Replies
Unread forum


Lokalt forum för Sverige av geocachare för geocachare.

  • 94 Topics
  • 307 Replies
Unread forum

United Kingdom and Ireland

Talk Geocaching in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  • 18830 Topics
  • 285496 Replies

Toggle this category Nederlandstalig forum (Dutch-Speaking Forum)

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Geocaching Algemeen

Discussies, informatie, vragen en verhalen die u wilt delen over Geocaching, het spel waar we allemaal zo dol op zijn.
Visitors: Please submit your requests and queries here.

  • 364 Topics
  • 4368 Replies
Unread forum


Ga in gesprek over alle aspecten van de Groundspeak Travel Bug en de o-zo-verzamelbare trackable Geocoins.
Lees de specifieke richtlijnen voor het posten.

  • 91 Topics
  • 801 Replies
Unread forum

Samen Geocachen

Een ontmoeting om er gezamenlijk op uit te trekken; Een lokaal of regionaal event, een ander land of een speciale cache bezoeken?
Maak je plannen hier.

  • 103 Topics
  • 215 Replies
Unread forum

Beginnen met Geocaching

Nieuw in het spel? Voel je vrij om vragen te stellen. We helpen je graag!

  • 92 Topics
  • 475 Replies
Unread forum

GPS en Technologie

Alle discussies over Global Positioning Systemen, in het bijzonder: GPS ontvangers, papiervrij geocachen en aanverwante software en hardware.

  • 171 Topics
  • 790 Replies

Toggle this category Deutschsprachiges Forum (German-Speaking Forum)

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Allgemeine Fragen und Antworten zum Hobby

  • 778 Topics
  • 7171 Replies
Unread forum

Start frei!

Was man mindestens beachten sollte

  • 105 Topics
  • 970 Replies
Unread forum


Sammelwut und Reiselust: Travelbugs, Coins und Souvenirs

  • 174 Topics
  • 850 Replies
Unread forum

Zusammen Cachen

Gemeinsam macht es mehr Spass

  • 352 Topics
  • 607 Replies
Unread forum

GPS und Technologien

Wie funktionieren Hard- und Software?

  • 394 Topics
  • 1512 Replies

Toggle this category Mega-Events

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Meet the Lackey and the Reviewers 2014

03 May 2014 GC4P8G9 in Oslo, Norway

  • 1 Topics
  • 0 Replies
Unread forum

14 Years Geocaching

07 June 2014 GC4VXKC in Sintra, Portugal

  • 4 Topics
  • 2 Replies
Unread forum

Berkshire Geobash #3

19 July 2014 GC4DF55 in Pittsfield, MA, USA

  • 5 Topics
  • 13 Replies
Unread forum

Slovak GeoAwards 2014

06 September 2014 GC4VVVV in Bratislava, Slovakia

  • 1 Topics
  • 0 Replies
Unread forum

3IEE (3rd International EarthCache Mega Event)

11 October 2014 GC4JD1B in British Columbia, Canada

  • 3 Topics
  • 6 Replies

Toggle this category Wherigo Topics

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Getting Started with Wherigo

Ask questions and discuss the Wherigo platform.

  • 283 Topics
  • 1515 Replies
Unread forum

Playing Wherigo

This section is for topics about using the Wherigo Player and player experiences.

  • 164 Topics
  • 1059 Replies
Unread forum

Building Wherigo Cartridges

Discussions here range from questions about the Wherigo Builder to technical discussions about the inner workings of Lua and Wherigo.

  • 1124 Topics
  • 6440 Replies
Unread forum

Wherigo Hardware

Discussions regarding the various hardware that can run Wherigo Player.

  • 218 Topics
  • 1364 Replies

Toggle this category Waymarking

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Unread forum

Getting Started with Waymarking

New to waymarking? This is the best place to ask questions and get answers from the community.

  • 72 Topics
  • 491 Replies
Unread forum

Recruiting and Category Proposals

Looking for group members or groups to join for categories that interest you? This is the place.

  • 223 Topics
  • 2626 Replies
Unread forum

General Waymarking Topics

This is a place for general discussions around waymarking.

  • 264 Topics
  • 2191 Replies
Unread forum Features & Functions

This section is for discussing changes, bugs and feature enhancements on

  • 138 Topics
  • 801 Replies

Toggle this category Read-Only Archives

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Read-only forum

MOGA 2013

06 April 2013 GC3GN2E in Lake Shelbyville, IL, USA

  • 9 Topics
  • 21 Replies
Read-only forum

UK Mega 2013 - West Midlands Region

03 August 2013 GC3V2NV in West Midlands, United Kingdom

  • 7 Topics
  • 17 Replies
Read-only forum

Groundspeak Block Party

20 August 2011: GC2FYVM in Seattle, Washington.

  • 24 Topics
  • 178 Replies
Unread forum

GeoWoodstock XI

25 May 2013 GC3K3YB in Lakeland, FL, USA

  • 3 Topics
  • 3 Replies
Read-only forum

2013 Geocaching Block Party

17 August 2013 GC3X684 in Seattle, WA, USA

  • 8 Topics
  • 11 Replies
Unread forum

COG Spring Fling 9

15 June 2013 GC32XXD in Ramara, Ontario.

  • 2 Topics
  • 5 Replies
Read-only forum

11th Annual GCHR Picnic

31 August 2013 GC42NJJ in Newport News, VA, USA

  • 2 Topics
  • 2 Replies
Read-only forum

1. Geocoinfest 2011 - Europa

28 August 2011: GC2GPHN, in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

  • 10 Topics
  • 149 Replies
Read-only forum

2nd International EarthCache Event

7 September 2013. GC3JG9V in St. George, Utah

  • 8 Topics
  • 93 Replies
Read-only forum

Going Caching 2012: Going Coastal One More Time!

November 10, 2012: GC2Q4JF in Savannah, Georgia

  • 5 Topics
  • 24 Replies
Read-only forum

Geocoinfest 2013: Las Vegas, Nevada

12 Oct 2013 GC30FNQ in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • 9 Topics
  • 81 Replies
Read-only forum


This forum was open only on April 1, 2009. It is now a read-only archive.
To include more of the world into geocaching, we are inviting hamsters to join in the game. Other animals may come later.

  • 55 Topics
  • 325 Replies
  • 01 April 2009 - 08:00 PM
  • In: Protected Forum
  • By: MissJenn 
Read-only forum

NZ Mega 2013 Auckland

26 October 2013 GC44FC9 in Auckland, New Zealand

  • 1 Topics
  • 1 Replies
Read-only forum

Getting Started with Waymarking

read-only archive: The beta version of waymarking, the much anticipated replacement for locationless caches, is now live. Learn and discuss the new activity here.

  • 717 Topics
  • 6086 Replies
Read-only forum

GPS In Education

This is an archive of no longer active threads.

  • 339 Topics
  • 1636 Replies
Read-only forum

The National Map Corps

Discuss of issues regarding the US Geological Survey's volunteer mapping program

  • 209 Topics
  • 1448 Replies
Read-only forum

Recruitment and Category Proposals

A read-only archive about recruiting new group members and promoting new waymark category ideas.

  • 1226 Topics
  • 5061 Replies
Read-only forum

Waymark Category Discussion

A read-only archive about individual categories and their waymarks.

  • 206 Topics
  • 1621 Replies
Read-only forum


Geocaching in Deutschland, Liechtenstein, Österreich und der Schweiz.

  • 7744 Topics
  • 80373 Replies
Read-only forum


A place to discuss geocaching in the Netherlands.

  • 1 Topics
  • 4 Replies
Read-only forum

Cacheapalooza 8

01 January 2014 GC478NM in Florida, USA

  • 0 Topics
  • 0 Replies
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