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HELP! Lost geocoin

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 09:29 PM

Dear fellow geocachers, I write in the spirit of Thanksgiving and ask for your help.

Over a year ago, my precious geocoin (a Valentine's day gift) was stolen from a cache. It's called "Imzadi Forever." (http://www.geocachin....aspx?id=228871) I had just broken up with PirateKing at the time, so the fact that the coin was stolen didn't bother me. I figured it proved that I was right...that we were never meant to be together, contrary to PirateKing's beliefs.....please read the geocoin description to see what I mean.

Since then, I have seen the error of my ways. True Love should not be stopped. Not by circumstances, not by death, and certainly not by theft. Can anyone give me advice on how to recover a stolen geocoin, or assist me in launching a campaign to find it again? This isn't about a's about the meaning behind it. Anyone who believes in True Love, please help.

Thank you and God bless,

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 09:43 PM

I'm moving this thread from the Web Site forum to the Geocoin Discussions forum.

Also, there's something wrong with your link. That number doesn't bring up an activated trackable. Be sure to reference trackables by their public display number.

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 09:58 PM

I just read about your coin. (cute couple picture). "Could Geocaching bring these soulmates together forever?" I hope so and I hope your coin makes it to Pirateking or at least back to you .

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 10:38 PM

Hello Smav and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have tracked down quite a few TB's and coins, mostly unsuccesful with no return emails...But dont let that stop you from the hunt. Ive also had about 8-10 TB's and coins returned of others and around 5 or so of mine...So keep it up! Its fun to finally have a bug or coin released after it has gone missing and most of the time seems to have been a mistake. Also pure laziness or lack of knowledge plays a huge role in the dissapearences.

The most important part is the timeline of which it went missing...This is your best chance at recovery, so being that it has been so long since it went missing may make things a little harder.

First off you gotta see who logged the cache untill the coin was reported as missing or stated that it was not in the cache it was supposed to have been in. Then youll need to contact those of which found that cache up to that point...Its been so long that most people wont remember even what cache you speak of. So try to give a quick description of the coin and maybe provide a link to the cache and the approx. date they may have visited it.

The most viable info. is gonna be in the log book itself, so if you can have anyone go through the log book after your log and see who may have signed the log and see if they may have written somethin down as "took Geocoin" or somethin. Regardless the log will provide the best clues as to who may have taken it.

Another thing to think about is how active are the cachers you are trying to reach...If someone grabbed the coin and only has a few finds...Good Luck~ and in the same hand they may not be active and not even get the email you are trying to send them. Look for that first...see if any new cachers may have visited it shortly after your drop...Wont be too many before someone grabs that thing...We just cant resist! :laughing:

Another thing is to be very noble in your emails...Be as pleasant as you can, so they will return your emails...You may even want to create a message with links and all so you can copy and send the message to multiple people without having to write a slew of emails. Describe your situation and hopefully youll get some sort of feedback.

Hope this helps...if I can think of anything else I will post it here, but these are pretty much my tactics for retrieveing the lost travelers. Ive made some pretty good friends in the process too! And boy do I have some stories to tell of some of those!...Lets just say I hope it didnt get held for ransom! :huh:

I wish you the best of luck in finding your coin!

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