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Help: pocket queries to GPS unit

#1 User is offline   Hammerkill Saga 

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 06:18 PM

Hey guys,

I just bought a PN-30 and a premium membership on I would like to load all the geocaches in my area on to my GPS unit. I understand that the best way to do this is pocket queries. I've run them and have gotten the file in my email. My questions is:

How do I move the pocket query file in my email to my GPS? Also, why is it a .loc file instead of a .gpx as promised with my premium membership?

I downloaded Cache Register but that has proven useless. It gives me all kinds of error messages and I've given up trying to figure that dumb thing out. This is the biggest thing preventing me from really starting to enjoy geocaching, I'd really appreciate some help getting over this last hurdle. Thanks!

#2 User is offline   briansnat 

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 06:55 PM

Cache Register is actually pretty good. There are some kinks in it but overall I find it works nicely. One thing is to make sure you are asking for GPX files in your PQ. Another is the make sure they are zipped. Cache Register doesn't seem to work with unzipped PQs.

If you have specific issues with Cache Register you go to the DeLorme website. Their forums are very helpful.

That said, if you are still not willing to work with Cache Register, GSAK can now send waypoints to the DeLorme units. Download GSAK and use it to send waypoints (you get a free trial, then have to pay $30 OTC for it. )

Moving to a more appropriate forum

#3 User is offline   Gitchee-Gummee 

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 08:14 PM

Using Cache Register ($10.00 from Delorme download), save the GPX file attached with the email directly to your harddrive.

Connect your PN-30 via USB.

Once you open Cache Register, open the Pocket Query window and browse your 'recent documents', highlight the just saved GPX file, open same and you are in business.

#4 User is offline   Pax42 

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 08:23 PM

Or you can just do this using the Topo USA 8 software that came with your 30:

1. Unzip your PQ so you have the raw GPX files
2. Plug in the PN40 (turn it on and press enter for "data exchange" mode) and open TOPO 8.
3. Drag and drop the GPX file onto the map screen of TOPO (If it's a large file be patient. it can take a little bit for a few hundred caches to load to TOPO)
4. Click on the Exchange dialog box at the top of the screen (PNXX icon)
5. Under "Waypoints" on left side of box you will see the file you just loaded to TOPO. Highlight it and click on the send button. After a few seconds (or longer depending on file size) you'll see the file under "waypoints" on the right side of the screen.

The caches should now be on your device.

#5 User is offline   StarBrand 

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 01:17 PM

Here is a fine tutorial on Pocket Queries:

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